Digital Terrestrial Receiver инструкция


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This media player sets an entirely new standard for home entertainment. Dune Digital Terrestrial Receiver инструкция Duo 4K is equipped with two internal 3. HEVC: Play video encoded using the latest H.

Digital Terrestrial Receiver инструкция

2x picture quality increase over H. 10-bit color encoding: Play video encoded using the newest 10-bit H. Two HDD racks with hot-swap function: Easily and quickly insert and exchange internal 3.

Digital Terrestrial Receiver инструкция

11ac Wi-Fi with both 2. Internal storage: Two internal HDD racks for SATA HDD 3. Video codecs: MPEG2, MPEG4, XVID, WMV9, VC1, H. 265 up to 4Kp30, H.

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Wi-Fi: internal Wi-Fi module with 802. SONY BRAVIA KDL-20S2000 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL Pdf Download. Sony BRAVIA KDL-20S2000 on manualslib. Retain this manual for future reference.

Сохраняйте данное руководство для справок в будущем. Zachować instrukcję do wykorzystania w przyszłości.

Zachować instrukcję do wykorzystania w przyszłości. Introduction Thank you for choosing this Sony product.

Before operating the TV, please read this manual thoroughly and retain it for future reference. Observe the correct polarity when inserting batteries. Dispose of batteries in an environmentally friendly way.

Certain regions may regulate disposal of digital Terrestrial Receiver инструкция battery. When you switch on the TV for the first time, the Language menu appears on the screen. 1 on the remote to switch on the TV. Sony service centre to exchange it.

Digital Terrestrial Receiver инструкция


Do not use the supplied mains lead on any other equipment. Use only an original Sony mains lead, not other brands. Mains socket Do not use a poor fitting mains socket. Insert the plug fully into the mains socket.

Never cover the ventilation holes or insert anything in the cabinet. It may cause overheating and result in a fire. Unless proper ventilation is provided, the TV set may gather dust and get dirty. Do not throw anything at the TV set.

The screen glass may break by the impact and cause serious injury. If the surface of the TV set cracks, do not touch it until you have unplugged the mains lead. To view the TV comfortably, the recommended viewing position is from four to seven times the screen’s vertical length away from the TV set. To obtain a clear picture, do not expose the screen to direct illumination or direct sunlight.

5 buttons have tactile dots. Use the tactile dots as references when operating the TV. TV standby Switches off the TV temporarily and on from standby mode.


Selects the input source from equipment connected to the TV sockets. In TV menu: Selects the menu or option, and confirm the setting. 1 on the remote to switch on the TV.

Press DIGITAL to switch to digital mode or ANALOG to switch to analogue mode. Using the Favourite list Favourite list Create your Favourite list for the first time Turn off the Favourite list See brief details on current programmes Watch a channel Add or remove channels in the Favourite list Remove all channels from the Favourite list The Favourite feature allows you to select programs from a list of up to 8 channels you specify. Viewing pictures from connected equipment Switch on the connected equipment, then perform one of the following operation.